Why List with Trisha instead of selling on your own?

  • Your time is valuable! Let me save you time.
  • I'm likely to sell your home for more money due to the great exposure I offer.
  • A 3rd party Realtor can obtain a prospect's true opinions of your home, and relay the information to you.
  • You can be confident that buyers visiting your home are qualified buyers, and not just looking.
  • You don't need to open up your home personally to strangers.
  • You can save your money by not having to advertise your own home.
  • You can be professionally represented by someone that is held accountable for all the details.
  • I help keep emotions in check and create a buffer when the pressure is on, thereby limiting the effects of emotion on negotiation outcomes. I am a problem solver and maintain a positive approach to come up with solutions.
  • You are being professionally represented by a Realtor that is negotiating on your behalf and has a fiduciary duty to represent your best interest at all times.

A quality Realtor doesn't cost, it pays! Contact me today for your home evaluation or consultation.